First Serve Strategies’ breadth of offerings comes from years of experience in manufacturing, process and service segments of high-tech companies. This experience ranges from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.Loschiavo_Mark Biopic

Mark P. Loschiavo, President and Founder

All great tennis players have a common attribute —a strong first serve. The strong first serve puts the competition on the defensive, increases the chances of executing a winning shot, and minimizes the amount of energy expended during the game.

Our name – First Serve Strategies – captures that fundamental philosophy. We focus on helping our clients increase the power and frequency of their “first serves”. We model and encourage a culture and business approach that drives speed, power, placement and consistency.

We believe great business leaders have as their first priority the desire to serve their customers, their shareholders and their employees. If you aren’t serving your customers, you will eventually lose them to someone else who will. First Serve Strategies will help you develop talented, dedicated, service-oriented employees. That team is the key to fulfilling your company’s vision and mission.

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