Business seminars are often informative, interesting and compelling, yet not necessarily creative, inspirational or even entertaining. Keynote Seminars offers an entirely different twist on teaching business concepts. Whether your interests are in strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership or business development, Keynote Seminars puts an exciting rhythm into delivering thought provoking material with proven ideas to bring your business to a new level.
Music and its underlying concepts and principles have been a driving force in the successful business careers of members, Mark Loschiavo, Bob Wilson, Steve Goodman, Bruce Kaminsky and Thom Elicker. Developed from their personal experience, in both entrepreneurial environments and major corporations, they have created a unique, entertaining and thought provoking means of connecting these fundamentals with important topics for successful business leadership.


Contact us:
Mark Loschiavo—610-608-8887 or
Bob Wilson—484-437-0757 or

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