If you think it is common to build a scalable business, you may find the following statistics, from Verne Harnish’s book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, startling.   Of the roughly 23 million firms in the US, only 4 percent get above $1M in annual revenues.  Of those firms, only 1 in 10, or .4% of all companies, ever make it to $10 million, and only 17,000 firms exceed $50 million.  Finally, only 500 firms exceed $11 billion in annual revenues.

Much like in music, in order to build a scalable venture you must maintain a rhythm that, when consistently applied, allows employees to stay on track.  This requires the consistent rhythm that comes from planning, directing, control and culture.  These four concepts provide the antidote for two of the three barriers described by Harnish:  leadership and lack of systems and structures.

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