There are untold examples of creativity, risk, innovation and opportunism thriving in times of adversity.

Times of adversity often bring us back to the basics, requiring us to evaluate what constitutes real value. History shows us that inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs often introduce the best value during the most difficult times.  As the Roman poet, Horace so eloquently put it, “adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.”

Music is one of the more compelling examples of value being the product of adversity. Some of the greatest songs come from the singer/songwriters response to tragedy or troubled times. Whether talking about the well-known African-American spiritual, Swing Low Sweet Chariot or Eric Clapton’s Tear in Heaven, these great songs were born of adversity.  In fact, there is an entire genre of music built around adversity. It’s called The Blues.

This seminar provides an historical perspective, concepts and tools that will prepare you to drive creativity and innovation during difficult times.

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