The subject of effective leadership is one that has intrigued humans for as long as we have existed.  What makes a great leader?  Is it something we are born with?  Are great leaders more emotionally charged than the rest of the population?  Just what is the secret?  In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins describes great leaders as having a rare combination of strong professional will and personal humility, but is that enough?

This series of training modules provides a blueprint for effective leadership.  As part of these provocative sessions well-established myths surrounding strategic leadership are explored, and proven specific strategic leadership tools and approaches are explored.loschiavo_mark-biopic3

 Topics will include:

·      Leadership—Myths, Attributes and Examples

·      Leaders as Innovators—Purpose Driven Leadership

·      Provocative Leadership—Managing Change

·      Leaders as Communicators—Providing the Box Top

·      Leaders as Decision Makers—Prioritization and Leading with Edge

·      Leaders Developing Leaders—Effective Delegation and Talent Management

·      Inside-out Leadership—Leading in Crisis

·      Relationships in Leadership—Building and Using the Network

·      Effective Negotiations—Using Information, Time and Power to Win

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