It was a cold February morning when the controller walked into my office for a chat.  We had been through the worst 9 months of our company’s history but things were starting to look up and the crisis was over.  In the course of our conversation I told Frank that I felt he had abandoned his people during the crisis.  He agreed stating, “It was all about self preservation for me.”

Our human condition makes us comfort centered and selfish.  Left to our own devices we tend to ignore external stimuli that challenge us, and we are often more motivated by what others will think about us than by what is the right thing to do.  Robert E. Quinn refers to this as our normal state.

In order to be an excellent leader one needs to move away from the normal state and to enter into a fundamental state of leadership.  I call this Inside-Out Leadership.  This presentation will describe when we are more likely to witness Inside-Out leadership, its impact, and provide tips on how to get there and stay there.


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