Mark Loschiavo with Wawa CEO, Howard Stoeckel

Don was beside himself.  Try as he might, he could not move beyond his bizarre phobia.  It seemed like every time he engaged in a financial transaction at the local WAWA he found himself braking into a cold sweat and would become dizzy.  Breathing even became difficult.  At his wits end he decided to consult with a therapist.

Therapist:  You say this happens every time you have to engage in a financial transaction?

Don:  Well, most every time.

Therapist:  Does it happen when you use a credit card for payment?

Don:  No.  In fact, it only seems to happen when I have to handle coinage.

Therapist:  Well Don, the problem is simple.  You are afraid of change.


In this session, Mark Loschiavo discusses change in the context of life experiences, using an example that resonates with the audience and at the same time infuses some humor.  Audience members will have the opportunity to participate in an upbeat exercise around change management that is thought provoking and motivational.

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