Lebow College Entrepreneurial Breakfast ForumA convergence of dynamics around the world is creating a sea change for entrepreneurship.  This convergence is coming from three areas.  First, the rapid pace of technological advances is causing a frictionless world, where startups and entrepreneurs can compete on a global scale like never before—where barriers to entry are crumbling like the Berlin Wall.  Thomas Friedman speaks of this in his best selling book, The World is Flat.  Startup ventures are emerging within industries with historically high barriers to entry.  Secondly, the current business climate in Corporate America has changed the risk equation in favor of entrepreneurial ventures.  Lifetime employment is a thing of the past, and pension plans have been replaced with portable 401Ks.  The past perception of higher levels of job, and financial, security within large companies is no longer enticing would-be entrepreneurs away from entrepreneurial ventures.  Finally, the focus of innovation is changing as we move from past eras of product or process innovation to innovation around complex systems.

 All of these factors are causing an increased level of interest and enthusiasm around entrepreneurship.  This session explores the changes taking place in the global economy of the 21st century and the leadership response that is required.

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