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Mark Loschiavo

Mark understands the importance of innovation, implementation and leadership in driving results.  Loschiavo is a seasoned executive skilled in business formation and change management; withleadershipexperience in General Management, Strategy, and Finance. He is experienced in the start-up and growth of companies and organizations that quickly become profitable and cash positive.   

Our Approach

Great tennis players have a common attribute — a strong first serve. The strong first serve puts the competition on the defensive, increases the chances of executing a winning shot, and minimizes the amount of energy expended during the game.

Great business leaders have as their first priority the desire to serve their customers, their shareholders and their employees. First Serve Strategies works with clients to create a blueprint for building and growing their business.

Why Us?

As an adjunct professor, Loschiavo teaches innovation and entrepreneurship in Villanova University’s Executive MBA program. 

During Loschiavo's tenure as executive director of the Laurence A. Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship, Drexel University quickly became a Top 10 university in entrepreneurship in the nation.  

In addition to incubating over 150 companies, Loschiavo was himself founder and President of: Akcelerant Space, a for-profit incubator; Cenero, a multimedia solutions provider; and founding member of TSS, a technology solutions company that grew to over 7,000 employees in five years. 

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